Introduction to Emergency Management
Introduction to Emergency Management
Introduction to International Disaster Management
Introduction to International Disaster Management

Mitigation Overview / Analysis

  • Dimming the Sun Could Be Climate Science’s Trolley Problem (The Atlantic, April 20, 2022): This article highlights how there are often hidden costs associated with some mitigation measures that need to be considered in light of any risk reduction gains to be achieved
  • US Fire Administration “Community Risk Reduction” Information Page: ” Fire departments are uniquely positioned to know their communities better than most other organizations. Firefighters and emergency medical services responders see firsthand, whether through medical calls, inspections or simply driving through the community, how people live and the needs they have.” This page explains the “Five E’s of Risk Reduction”.

Nonstructural Mitigation

Structural Mitigation

Building Codes and Land Use Planning

FEMA Federal Insurance and Mitigation Division webinar on land use planning and building code strategies for communities.

Natural Barriers / Defenses

Video showing the importance of vegetation on protecting coastlines from erosion and wave action.

Traditional Practices

Hazard-Specific Mitigation

Mitigation Programs and Capacity Development

Mitigation Challenges

A boat dock surrounded by dry ground at Lake Mendocino on June 11, 2021. Photo credit: Beth LaBerge/KQED (


Selecting Mitigation Options

Funding for Mitigation

Adaptation and Resilience

Case Studies and Best Practices