Introduction to International Disaster Management

Chapter 11: Special Considerations

Introduction to International Disaster Management
Introduction to
International Disaster Management

New Approaches to Risk Management

Values-Based Emergency Management (VBEM)

New Approaches to Response

Environmental Justice, Social Justice, Gender, and Equity

“Disasters Are Sexist” – UNDRR

Emerging Technology


Balancing the Benefits and Costs of Disaster Risk Management

Disaster Management Challenges: Rule of Law

  • ‘Mafias’ and ‘militias’ have brought Lebanon to its knees, activists say (CNN, May 28, 2021): “Lebanon’s problems are complex, but the root cause, critics say, is simple — corruption. In the aftermath of the port blast, Hassan Diab — now caretaker Prime Minister until a new cabinet is formed — lambasted the country’s political elite for fostering “an apparatus of corruption bigger than the state.””

Resilience Concept

Disaster Fatigue

Climate Refugees and Other International Implications of Climate Change

Indigenous / Traditional Knowledge

Political Implications

Disasters in the Cinema / Arts

Interesting Issues