Major Events 2022

Tornadoes (Louisiana, USA, December 2022)

Winter Storms 2022/2023 (USA)

Landslide (Colombia, December 2022)

Sandstorm (China, December 2022)

  • Beijing and northern China hit by winter sandstorm (CNN, December 12, 2022): “Concentrations of PM10 particles exceeded 561 micrograms per cubic meter by 8 a.m., according to Beijing’s environmental monitoring center. That figure is more than 10 times the daily average guideline of 45 micrograms per cubic meter set by the World Health Organization.”

Oil Spill (Kansas, USA, December 2022)

Earthquake (Indonesia, December 2022)

Hawaii Mauna Loa Eruption (USA, November 2022)

Ischia Landslide (Italy, November 2022)

Factory Fire (China, November 2022)

Earthquake (Indonesia, November 2022)

Earthquake (Nepal, November 2022)

Tornado Outbreak (USA, November 2022)

Halloween Crush (Korea, October 2022)

Bridge Collapse (India, October 2022)

2022-2023 Influenza Season

Cyclone (Bangladesh, October 2022)

Flooding (Nigeria, October 2022)

Soccer Match Crush (Indonesia, October 2022)

Central US Drought (October, 2022)

Sinkholes (Guatemala, September 2022)

Sichuan Earthquake (China, September 2022)

Jackson, Mississippi Water Crisis (USA, September 2022/January 2023)

Stabbings in Saskatchewan (Canada, September 2022)

Typhoon Noru (Philippines, September 2022)

Typhoon Hinnamnor (Korea, September 2022)

Earthquake (Mexico, September 2022)

EV-68 Outbreak (Various, September 2022)

CPE Outbreak (China, August 2022)

Northeast USA Drought (August 2022)

South Asia Floods (Summer 2022)

Multi-Story Building Collapse (Nigeria, August 2022)

Southwest, USA Floods (August 2022)

Heatwave and Drought, Middle East (August 2022)

Boiling heat and no water: taps run dry in southern Iraq (AFP News, August 23, 2022): “Governor Zouheir al-Shaalan said “around a third” of his province has problems accessing water, with more than 75 villages affected.”

Drought and Heat in Asia (August 2022)

Poland River HazMat Disaster (August 2022)

Polio Outbreak (United States, August 2022)

Langya Virus Cluster (China, August 2022)

Oil Facility Explosion (Cuba, August 2022)

Floods (South Korea, August 2022)

Nightclub Fire (Thailand August 2022)

At least 14 killed, dozens injured as fire engulfs Thai nightclub (CNN, August 5, 2022)

Floods (Kentucky, USA July 2022)

Flash Flood (Missouri, USA, July 2022)

  • 7.0-magnitude earthquake kills five, injures 130 in northern Philippines (CNN, July 28, 2022): “Its epicenter was about 13 kilometers (8 miles) southeast of the small town of Dolores, Abra province, with a depth of 10 kilometers (6.2 miles), according to USGS. Its impact was felt in the capital, Manila, more than 400 kilometers (about 250 miles) away.”

Mass Poisonings (India and South Africa, July 2022)

Western USA Mega-Drought (Ongoing – 2022/2023 Articles)

Mass Shooting (USA, July 2022)

Suspect in connection with a mass shooting at July 4th parade in Highland Park, Illinois, has been taken into custody (CNN, July 5, 2022): “Robert E. Crimo III, the suspect in a mass shooting at a parade that left six dead and sent more than two dozen people to hospitals, has been taken into custody near Lake Forest, Illinois, authorities said during a brief news conference Monday night.”

Australia Floods (July 2022)

Drought (Chile, June 2022)

We beg God for water’: Chilean lake turns to desert, sounding climate change alarm (Reuters, June 14, 2022): “The Penuelas reservoir in central Chile was until twenty years ago the main source of water for the city of Valparaiso, holding enough water for 38,000 Olympic-size swimming pools. Water for only two pools now remains.”

Sri Lanka Fuel Crisis (June 2022)

Sri Lanka stops fuel supply to non-essential services as crisis worsens (CNN, June 28, 2022): “The country is suffering its worst economic crisis, with foreign exchange reserves at a record low and the island of 22 million struggling to pay for essential imports of food, medicine and, most critically, fuel. Industries like garments, a big dollar earner in the Indian Ocean nation, are left with fuel for only about a week to 10 days. Current stocks of the country will exhaust in just under a week based on regular demand, Reuters calculations show.”

Drought (Europe, 2022)

Chlorine Accident (Jordan, June 2022)

Japan Heatwave (June, 2022)

Japan tells millions to save electricity as record heat wave strains power supply (CNN, June 28, 2022): “The request comes despite experts warning that record-setting temperatures could continue for weeks.”

Train Derailment (United States, June 2022)

Stadium Collapse (Colombia, June 2022)

South China Flooding (June 2022)

  • Hundreds of thousands evacuated as floods ravage southern China (BBC, June 22, 2022): “The city of Shaoguan in Guangdong province has been one of the worst affected, prompting officials to raise its flood alert to the highest level as the city charted record rainfall since late May. A similar alert was put in place for Guangdong’s Qingyuan city.”

Eastern Afghanistan Earthquake (June, 2022)

South Africa Water Crisis (Summer 2022)

Europe Heatwave (July 2022)

USA Heatwave (June 2022)

South Asia Heatwave (May 2022)

2022 US Hurricane Season

Emerging Mpox (‘Monkeypox’) Epidemic

Global Avian Flu Epidemic (April 2022-Ongoing)

Drought in the Horn of Africa (April 2022)

  • Time running out in Horn of Africa as millions confront hunger: UN (The Hill, April 20, 2022): “With major precipitation failing to materialize nearly a month into the Horn of Africa’s rainy season, the number of people suffering from drought-induced hunger could surge from an estimated 14 million to 20 million by the end of the year, the United Nations’ food agency warns.”

US 2022 Fire Season

South Africa Flood

Puerto Rico Power Failure (April 2022)

  • Fire at Puerto Rico Power Plant Plunges Island into Darkness (Bloomberg, April 6, 2022): “Puerto Rico’s electricity grid operator said some parts of the island wouldn’t see power restored until Friday, after a fire near the Costa Sur power plant plunged much of the U.S. territory into darkness late Wednesday. “

Somaliland Market Fire (April 2022)

  • Somaliland Capital Counts Cost Of Devastating Blaze (Barron’s, April 3, 2022): “Stunned residents of the northern Somali city of Hargeisa were struggling to pick up the pieces Sunday after a massive inferno destroyed the central market, and with it the livelihoods of thousands.”

Tornado Season (USA, March/April 2022)

Drought (Horn of Africa, March 2022)

Tornado (Iowa, USA, March 2022)

Queensland Floods (Australia, February 2022)

Passenger Ferry Fire (Italy, February 2022)

  • 11 Passengers Missing After Fire Engulfs Grimaldi Ferry (Maritime Executive, February 21, 2022): “Fire engulfed an Italian-register Ro/Pax ferry sailing in the Ionian Sea in the early hours of Friday, February 18. Reports indicated that more than 270 passengers and crew have been evacuated to the neighboring island of Corfu.”

Brazil Mudslides (February 2022)

Landslide (Ecuador, January 2022)

Stampede (Liberia, January 2022)

Volcanic Eruption and Tsunami (Tonga, January 2022)

Apartment Building Fire (New York, January 2022)

Truck Explosion (Ghana, January 2022)

New Years Day Stampede (India, January 2022)

  • 12 killed in stampede at Indian shrine (CNN, January 1, 2022): “Thousands of devotees were at the Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine in Jammu, northern India when the stampede happened around 2:30 a.m. local time Saturday.”