Major Events 2021

Fuel Truck Explosion (Haiti, December 2021)

Fire Storm (Colorado, USA, December 2021)

Passenger Ferry Fire (Bangladesh, December 2021)

Structure Fire (Japan, December 2021)

Volcanic Eruption (Canary Islands, December 2021)

Flooding (Malaysia, December 2021)

  • Flooding in Malaysia leaves 8 dead and 41,000 displaced (CNN, December 21, 2021): “Floods are common on the eastern coast of Malaysia during the annual monsoon season between October and March, but unusually heavy rainfall that started on Friday has put a strain on emergency services across the country.”

Mine Disaster (Myanmar, December 2021)

Typhoon Rai (Philippines, December 2021)

Italy Building Collapse (December 2021)

US Tornado Outbreak (December 2021)

Java, Indonesia Volcano (December 2021)

Peru Earthquake (November 2021)

Mexico Bus Crash (November, 2021)

  • At least 19 killed in bus crash in central Mexico (CNN, November 26, 2021): “The brakes on the bus, which was heading to a local religious shrine in the state of Mexico, failed, according to local media reports. State authorities did not disclose the possible causes of the accident.”

Bulgaria Bus Fire (November 2021)

Turkey Wind Storm (November 2021)

  • Extreme winds in Turkey kill 6 and injure 52 (CNN, November 30, 2021): “According to Turkey’s Meteorology General Directorate, winds reached 130 kilometers per hour (80 miles per hour) in one of the country’s most aggressive windstorms in living memory. Turkey frequently has southwesterly winds known as Lodos winds, but their speed on this occasion, along with the damage they have caused is unusual for the country.”

US/Canada Northwest Floods and Landslides

Global Supply Chain Failure

India/Nepal Landslides and Floods (October 2021)

South Sudan Flooding (October 2021)

Lebanon Nationwide Power Outage

Madagascar Famine

Burundi Floods (September 2021)

  • Lake Tanganyika’s water levels rise (BBC, September 20, 2021): “Natural disasters have forced more than 100,000 people to flee their homes in Burundi in recent years, the Save the Children charity says.”

US Hurricane Season 2021

US Wildfires (2021)

Siberia Wildfires (August 2021)

Haiti Earthquake (August 2021)

Tennessee (US) Floods (August 2021)

Mexico Drought (August 2021)

Turkey Floods (August 2021)

Lebanon Fuel Tank Explosion (August 2021)

  • At least 20 people killed when fuel tank explodes in Lebanon (CNN, August 15, 2021): ” “There was a rush of people, and arguments between some of them led to gunfire which hit the tank of gasoline and so it exploded,” said a security source, who noted that there were members of army and security forces among the casualties.”

Greece Wildfire (August 2021)

Iran Drought (July 2021)

India Landslides (July 2021)

China Floods (July 2021)

Texas (US) Chemical Leak (July 2021)

Germany Floods (July 2021)

Juice Factory Fire (Bangladesh, July 2021)

  • Fire at Bangladesh factory kills 52 workers, police open probe (Reuters, July 10, 2021): “Dozens of disasters occur in Bangladesh each year due to poor fire and building safety standards. The latest incident is the worst since or August 2016, when more than 100 people fell ill in the southern Chittagong city after inhaling gas that leaked from a fertilizer factory.”

Tropical Storm Elsa (July 2021)

Lithium Ion Battery Factory Fire (July 2021)

REvil Ransomware Attack (July 2021)

Japan Mudslides (Summer 2021)

Ethiopia Famine (June 2021)

Canada Wildfires (June 2021)

Europe Heat Wave (June 2021)

Czech Republic Tornado (June 2021)

Miami Building Collapse (June 2021)

Zimbabwe Drought

China Gas Explosion

US Heatwave (2021)

Australia Mice Plague (Spring/Summer 2021)

  • Australian prison to be evacuated after mice move in (ABC News, June 22, 2021): “Around 200 staff and 420 inmates will be transferred from the Wellington Correctional Center in rural New South Wales state to other prisons in the region during the next 10 days while cleaning and repairs take place, Corrective Services Commissioner Peter Severin said on Tuesday.”

Brazil Drought (June 2021)

  • Historic drought threatens Brazil’s economy (, June 9, 2021): “The worst drought in nearly a century to hit two key regions in Brazil is wreaking havoc on hydroelectric dams and crops—and threatening the nascent pandemic recovery of Latin America’s biggest economy.”

China Tornado (June 2021)

Pakistan Train Crash

Tropical Cyclone Yaas (India)

  • Tropical Cyclone Yaas will slam into eastern India within 24 hours (CNN, 5/26/2021): “Ahead of Yaas, West Bengal intends to evacuate at least 1 million people, the chief minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee said Monday at a news conference. At least 19,000 people had been evacuated as of Monday from low-lying areas in India’s Odisha state, its additional relief commissioner Kamal Mishra said.”

China Ultramarathon Disaster

Congo Mount Nyiragongo Volcano

2021 California Wildfire Season

Cyclone Tauktae

Mexico Metro Overpass Collapse (May 2021)

Sri Lanka Cargo Ship Fire (May 2021)

Israel Stampede

Western USA Mega-Drought (Ongoing)

Satellite images compare California’s Shasta Lake on July 13, 2019 and June 16, 2021, highlighting the effects of the state’s drought. Source: NASA’S EARTH OBSERVATORY

Florida Reservoir Incident (April 2021)

Taiwan Train Accident (April 2021)

Indonesia Cyclone (April 2021)

Mostly raw footage of the cyclone’s impacts.

Cox’s Bazar Rohingya Refugee Camp Fire

Alabama Tornado (March 2021)

Raw footage of the tornado.

Australia Floods (March 2021)

India Glacier Flood (February 2021)

Texas Extreme Cold and Blackouts

Pakistan National Power Outage (January 2021)

US Capitol Building Riots (January 2021)