Major Events

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Volcanic Threat (Iceland, November 2023)

Tunnel Collapse (India, November 2023)

Storm Ciaran (United Kingdom, November 2023)

Earthquake (Nepal, November 2023)

Hurricane Otis (Mexico, October 2023)

Volcanic Threat (Italy, October 2023)

Wildfires (Australia, October 2023)

Earthquake (Afghanistan, October 2023)

Flood / Glacial Dam (India, October 2023)

Bus Crash (Italy, October 2023)

Tropical Storm Philippe (Caribbean, October 2023)

Wedding Party Fire (Iraq, September 2023)

Water Scarcity (Louisiana, USA, September 2023)

Suicide Bombing (Pakistan, September 2023)

Flood / Dam Breach (Libya, September 2023)

Flood (Hong Kong, September 2023)

Earthquake (Morocco, September 2023)

Floods (Greece, September 2023)

Floods (Brazil, September 2023)

Death toll from Brazilian floods rises to 31 (CNN, September 6, 2023)

Hurricane Idalia (United States, August 2023)

FEMA pre-incident HAZUS Model for Hurricane Idalia, August 29, 2023Download

Building Fire (South Africa, August 2023)

Flood (China, August 2023)

Maui Wildfires (August 2023)

Wildfires (Canada, 2023)

Heatwaves (Worldwide, 2023)

Wildfires (Greece, July 2023)

Flooding (Vermont, July 2023)

Catastrophic flooding swamped Vermont’s capital as intense storms forced evacuations and closures in Northeast (CNN, July 12, 2023)

Typhoon Talim (Southeast Asia, July 2023)

Tens of thousands flee as Typhoon Talim lashes China, Vietnam (Al Jazeera, July 18, 2023)

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