Chapter 4.
Governmental Homeland Security Structures

Introduction to Homeland Security
Introduction to Homeland Security
Homeland Security The Essentials
Homeland Security The Essentials

Homeland Security Budget

Homeland Security Organization

  • Biden administration pleads for WMD office’s salvation (Government Executive, October 19, 2023): “The Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction office within DHS is set to see its authorization expire Dec. 21, five years after Congress codified it. The office maintains an annual budget of $400 million and works closely with DHS components, as well as state and local law enforcement, to help them detect and prepare for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons. It conducts large-scale procurements and has 56,000 personal radiological devices in the field that assist in detection, including 40,000 within DHS and 16,000 at state and local entities. It also maintains larger devices that go into trucks, SUVs, planes and boats that can detect any nuclear material in an area, which DHS deploys for major events like the Super Bowl or the upcoming Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.” 
  • Biden Administration Fires Most Homeland Security Advisory Council Members (Washington Post, March 26, 2021)

Interagency Coordination

US Coast Guard

US Secret Service

US Department of Justice

National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA)

USDA Homeland Security Programs

Grants and Funding Programs