Introduction to Emergency Management
Introduction to Emergency Management
Introduction to International Disaster Management
Introduction to International Disaster Management

General Disaster Preparedness

Emergency Operations Planning

Emergency Operations Center

Government Capacity Development / Preparedness

  • FEMA PrepToolkit (National Preparedness System) (STATIC)
  • White House debuts a new climate-based workforce initiative (Government Executive, September 20, 2023): “President Joe Biden called for new executive action Wednesday to establish what the White House calls an American Climate Corps to help train and qualify people for clean energy jobs.” Although linked to the mitigation of the drivers of climate change, this announcement is notable in that FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell was involved thereby signaling the administration’s willingness to link the management of climate change drivers to the management of disaster risk.
  • With wildfires looming, Congress must act to prevent an exodus of firefighters (Government Executive, September 18, 2023)
  • These are the states in America that are the least prepared for extreme weather (CNBC, July 28, 2023)
  • Mayor wants a fleet manager, but Council members say hiring a disaster manager is more urgent (Buffalo News, January 10, 2023): This article describes a disagreement about what type of government capacity must be improved in order to protect the storm-hit city of Buffalo, New York, USA, from a similar future breakdown in response capabilities (That led to the large number of fatalities and societal disruption in the December 2022 storms.)
  • Senate-Approved Infrastructure Bill Would Raise Wildland Firefighter Pay (Government Executive, August 12, 2021): “The bill would order the U.S. Agriculture and Interior departments—which together employ some 15,000 wildland firefighters—to start working with the Office of Personnel Management, the federal government’s human resources agency, on a new set of job classifications for firefighters. Lawmakers and advocates for federal firefighters say changing job classifications is the first step toward raising pay for all firefighters. The Senate bill also would have the Agriculture and Interior Departments turn at least 1,000 seasonal firefighting jobs into full-time positions. And it would allow agencies to raise pay by $20,000 per year, or 50% of a job’s base salary, for positions that are particularly hard to fill in a certain area.”
  • Wildfires Ravaging California and 12 Other States Put Firefighters in High Demand (Wall Street Journal, July 24, 2021): ” Firefighting resources are being deployed at a level normally seen later in the year, as dozens of large, active wildfires have burned through more than 1.3 million acres across the West. Nearly 22,000 firefighters and other personnel are working to contain fast-spreading flames, and agencies and leaders are concerned firefighters could become exhausted well ahead of the hardest months of the season in late summer and early fall.”

Public and Individual Preparedness

Private Sector Preparedness

  • The Home Depot Announces New and Enhanced Disaster Preparedness Resources (PR Newswire, April 29, 2021): “The Home Depot®, the world’s largest home improvement retailer, is offering new and enhanced resources for natural disaster preparedness and is encouraging customers to prepare early for all natural disasters, including hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and wildfires.”

Preparedness for Pets and Other Animals

Preparedness for Children, Senior Citizens, and Other Vulnerable Populations

Helping people with access and functional needs in an emergency

Catastrophic Preparedness

Statutory Authority / Legal Basis

  • As coronavirus surges, GOP lawmakers are moving to limit public health powers (Washington Post, July 25, 2021): “Legislatures nationwide have passed measures, some shaped by conservative think tanks and activist groups.”
  • Opinion: Jones Act Waivers Should be a Last Resort (Maritime Executive, June 14, 2021): “The Jones Act waivers following Hurricane Irma in 2017 had exactly that result. Foreign ships were chartered in to replace American tankers, costing American mariners and their American employers millions. The primary beneficiaries (in addition to foreign shipowners) were oil traders who had sought the waivers so that they could use cheaper foreign ships and pocket the difference in freight costs (a form of “disaster arbitrage”).”

Education and Training

  • The FEMA Higher Education College List: College list by the numbers (as of June 1, 2021): 726 total • Emergency and Disaster Management Programs in Other Countries – 26 • Emergency Management Programs – 328 • Executive Education Programs – 3 • Homeland Security Programs – 254 • International Disaster Relief/Humanitarian Assistance – 10 • Public Health, Medical and Related Programs – 28 • Related Programs – 77

Risk Communication / Preparedness Messaging

Drills and Exercises

Alert and Warning

Responder Communication Systems

  • Funding Mechanisms Guide for Public Safety Communications (CISA, June 2021): “This Funding Mechanisms Guide for Public Safety Communications highlights strengths, challenges, opportunities, and other considerations for each funding mechanism to assist agencies in determining whether the strategy is suitable for their community. The guide also provides funding examples from states and localities, showcasing challenges and successes associated with real-world applications.”

Preparedness Grants

Planning and Preparedness Technologies

Inclusion/Engagement in the Preparedness and Planning Processes

Other Preparedness Topics