Infrastructure Risks


  • Russian invasion of Ukraine could redefine cyber warfare (January 28, 2022): “Ukraine was beset by attacks earlier this month when hackers defaced and disabled more than 70 government websites, and Microsoft discovered malware planted in Ukrainian government systems that could be triggered at any moment.”
  • How Taiwan is trying to defend against a cyber ‘World War III’ (CNN, July 23, 2021): ” Taiwan’s head of cybersecurity told CNN Business this month that it is using dramatic measures to guard against technological vulnerabilities — including employing roughly two dozen computer experts to deliberately attack the government’s systems and help it defend against what Taiwanese authorities estimate are some 20 million to 40 million cyberattacks every month.”

Mitigating Cyber Risk

Cybersecurity Response

State Sponsorship

Government Programs

The moment of truth is here for a new hiring system that promises to address gaping cybersecurity shortages by redefining “merit.”