Introduction to International Disaster Management

Chapter 11: Special Considerations

Introduction to International Disaster Management
Introduction to
International Disaster Management

New Approaches to Risk Management

Values-Based Emergency Management (VBEM)

New Approaches to Response

Environmental Justice, Social Justice, Gender, and Equity

“Disasters Are Sexist” – UNDRR

Emerging Technology


Balancing the Benefits and Costs of Disaster Risk Management

Disaster Management Challenges: Rule of Law

  • ‘Mafias’ and ‘militias’ have brought Lebanon to its knees, activists say (CNN, May 28, 2021): “Lebanon’s problems are complex, but the root cause, critics say, is simple — corruption. In the aftermath of the port blast, Hassan Diab — now caretaker Prime Minister until a new cabinet is formed — lambasted the country’s political elite for fostering “an apparatus of corruption bigger than the state.””

Resilience Concept

Disaster Fatigue

Climate Displacement, Climate Refugees, and Other Migration Implications of Climate Change

Indigenous / Traditional Knowledge

Political Implications

Disasters in the Cinema / Arts

Interesting Issues